trail running tips

I'm new to the gang and the affection every body displays eachother is fantastic! Sending everybody great vibes and my leftover vigor!

I've got registered for my first 50 mile path run in November of this yr. I'm excited and feature but to consider apprehensive since I consider in my classes. I might like to listen a few remarks, recommendations, methods or simply recommendation on how I will be able to make this revel in an extremely giant one. Is there something distinct or different you're feeling I might be doing? I have an understanding of any guidance, encouragement and humor you will have. Top fives to each person that's in the market gettin it accomplished! trail running tips

(I hit 6-eight miles an afternoon (lengthy runs on Saturday and Sunday, broadly speaking 18-26 everyday) basic 180miles a month, capability instruct and feature alot of enjoyable! )

feeling excited.

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