lirik lagu wish you were here

Lirik Lagu Sorry, Blame It on Me – Akon

As existence is going on I’m beginning to gain knowledge of increasingly approximately accountability lirik lagu wish you were here
I discover every part I do is affecting the folk round me
So I need to take this day out to say sorry for issues I even have finished...
And matters that experience no longer came about but
And the matters they don’t like to take obligation for

I’m sorry for the days I left you dwelling house
I used to be at the highway and also you had been on my own
I’m sorry for the days that I needed to move
I’m sorry for the indisputable fact that I didn't comprehend
That you simply have been sitting dwelling house simply wishing we
May return to whilst it became simply you and me
I’m sorry for the days I might overlook
I’m sorry for the days I disrespect

I’m sorry for the incorrect matters that I’ve accomplished
I’m sorry I’m no longer necessarily there for my son
I’m sorry for the truth that I’m no longer mindful
That you just can’t sleep at night time after i am now not there
Seeing that I'm inside the streets like usual
Sorry for the matters that I didn't say
Like the way you are the handiest factor in my global
And the way I’m so proud to name you my lady

I remember the fact that there are a few troubles
And i'm now not too unaware of be aware of
Your entire soreness you saved inner you
Although you may now not express
If I will make an apology for being flawed
Then it’s only a disgrace on me
I’ll be the cause of your ache and you may positioned the blame on me

That you can positioned the blame on me [4x]
Noted you could possibly placed the blame on me [3x]
You could possibly positioned the blame on me

Sorry for the issues that he placed you thru
And all of the occasions you didn’t understand what to do
Sorry which you needed to move and promote the ones packs
Simply seeking to remain busy until you heard from Dad
And also you may preferably be residence with your entire young children
As one colossal own family with love and bliss
Or even however Pops taken care of us like kings

He were given a 2d spouse and also you didn’t agree
He obtained up and left you there on their lonesome
I’m sorry which you needed to do it by yourself
I’m sorry that I went and introduced for your grief
I’m sorry that your son used to be a thief
I’m sorry that I grew up method too quickly
I desire I would’ve listened and never be so horrific
I’m sorry your lifestyles grew to become out this manner
I’m sorry that the FEDS got here and took me away



I’m sorry that it took goodbye to peer
They had been lifeless improper looking to placed it on me
I’m sorry that it took goodbye to communicate
Yet I used to be on excursion with Gwen Stefani
I’m sorry for the hand that she became dealt
For the embarrassment that she felt
A little younger woman looking to have a good time
Her daddy should not permit her out that younger
I’m sorry for Membership Zen getting close down
I am hoping they cope with more desirable subsequent time round
How became I to understand she used to be underage
In a 21 and older membership they are saying
Why doesn’t all people wanna take blame
Verizon sponsored out disgracing my identify
I’m only a singer seeking to entertain
As a result of I really like my lovers I’ll take that blame
Regardless that the blame’s on you [3x]
I’ll take that blame from you

And you may positioned that blame on me [2x]
Possible positioned that blame on me
And you may placed that blame on me

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